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Terri (blindstamper)

I have (and love) both. I'll say this though...I use stuff more when I can see it (helps me remember what I have too)!

Tara Bilbao

Great use of the DSP and wonderful design.Love them all. If I were to design a crafting space, I would have both open and closed storage ( which I do) I need the open space so I can see the products that I have and be inspired by them, but also need closed storage for the tools that aren't so pretty.

Connie Lambropoulos

I want a combination of both open & closed areas. I prefer my papers in a closed area to keep them clean but other items such as my embellishments, I prefer to keep in jars or clear containers so that I can see them. Tools that I use frequently, are out on my work surface, others are stored in easily accessible drawers.

Becky H

Beautiful bright cards. I love the neat and tidy look of closed doors but also like to "see" my supplies in order to create. Storage cabinets with doors would be ideal.

Karen C

OK! Those cards just inspired me! I love the colors and ideas! Thank you for sharing! I think I would want some of it to be open to show the gorgeous colors. But then doors are also a must...because it is hard work staying THAT organized!


I like open shelving with closed, pretty and functional boxes and bins! Love your set of cards...how perfect is that?

Kathleen Picon

My ideal craft room would be both open and closed. Open for things I use everyday and closed for other items. Would love spaces for Big shot / cutting / and work

Windy Ellard

Thank you for the creations and the offer. I would have a combo of open and closed up storage. I do like to see my paper and some other supplies. Have a great weekend!


I agree with you, I would like an open space but very organized but on some levels, I would also like a closed up space so it doesn't look very distracting.


I love these cards--you have such a way with bright colors! I've always been scared of the Kaleidoscope paper myself. ;)

My ideal stamp room would also have both--open for my stamps and dies, closed for all the extras. And LOTS of drawers on rollers, so everything is easy to get to!


I have a door that I like to close. I have open storage and closed. I try to keep what little space I have looking neat


both. I like to have paper, Ink, and punches close at hand and easy to see. I get cluttered with the embelishments and extra pieces so that would be nice to have tucked away.

Lisa M./Lisabee

For my husbands sake, i would have to say behind closed doors! He hates mess and I know my craftin area drives him nuts! I'm sure he'd love it if I could close everything up when I was done! LOL! Of course I woudl still need a bunch of workspace...but as long as there was a ton of cabinets and drawers and hideyholes, I think we'd both be happy!


Totally open and accessible. If it is out of sight, it is out of mind for me. That is why I use a ton of Ikea glass jars to put stuff in. Clear is it for me.


I love open storage. Craft supplies are beautiful and inspiring and I love to see them :-)

Debbie Groulik

Absolutely open storage - love to see everything and have within easy reach :-)


I would like open storage for stamp sets but closed for all the embellishments. Lots of table space to have my Big Shot, cutting area, score pal and such out and ready for action and a door to close the room off when it gets too messy! Thanks for the chance to win some great blog candy.


Everything would be on a shelf and behind closed doors.


I would have both also but with slide-out drawers behind the doors. My mom has these in her kitchen and they are wonderful.

Phyllis Sturgill

I would have a room where I could hide most of the stamping sets, materials etc, especially if I want to stop in the middle of doing something

Julie Crocfer

I would have to have both...the things I would leave in open areas are colored items like ribbon and inks; closed areas would store supplies.

Robbie Rubala

Wow, I never really cared for that paper but after seeing your cards I feel I missed out on something. If I could design my ideal stamp room it would have closed doors. The doors would stay open when I am in there but I could easily do a quick clean up and stash the mess before my workshops. :)


Carol P

I have both. And I use more of the stuff that is visible. You know, Out of sight,out of mind!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Brittney Vaughn

I'd want my stuff to be behind closed doors, I don't like having my habit put out there for anyone to see! :)

Nicole Wellensiek

I think some of each! It's kind of nice to be able to shut the doors sometimes, but nice to have some items right there.

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